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The 6 Most Important Rules For Online Dating Etiquette

Even in online dating, there are basic rules of etiquette that every user should adhere to. In this article, you will learn more about them.

Little mistakes happen every once in awhile without people even realizing it. Unfortunately, many people are critical of these little mistakes and will hold them against you.

Take into consideration that you are dealing with "real human beings" ...not with an emotionless computer. Everyone makes mistakes.

#1 Don't stay too formal

No matter which dating site you choose, addressing a person you are interested in dating as “Mr.”, or “Ms.” is taboo.

Be informal and relaxed even in your first contact request and address the other user with their first name or nickname. This creates a slightly more open and comfortable atmosphere and it makes the initiation of a conversation much easier.

Please note that this rule applies for older users as well!

#2 Stick with the truth

Describe yourself, your environment, and your desires realistically and truthfully. The information on your profile should always be true!

After all, your contacts assume that you are stating the truth. Even the smallest lies will be discovered sooner or later. But by then, you will have lost the trust of your contact.

You wouldn’t want to be lied to, would you?

Furthermore, keep in mind that dating sites take rigorous action against so-called fake profiles. If your contact discovers false information on your profile, he or she may report it. In most cases, your account will be deleted immediately.

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#3 Always stay respectful

If you get angry about the message of an online contact and would like to immediately react in frustrating, remember that it is much better to take a deep breath instead.

Insults or verbal attacks are absolutely off-limits. In fact, you might have misunderstood your conversation partner. Or maybe he or she just meant whatever they said ironically.

Always treat your online contacts respectfully. After all, there is a human being, just like you, behind every profile.

Of course, the same applies if one of your contacts just "gets on your nerves".

#4 Be very careful with your personal data

Whether it your address, phone number, or detailed information about your work place: always be very careful with your personal data.

This information, or other personal data, does not belong on any public profile. Be cautious to only give your private mobile number or address to your contact once you know the person better.

Unfortunately, no one can give you any guarantee that your trust isn't going to be abused. Therefore, listen to your heart or your intuition.

If you aren't sure if your conversation partner is trustworthy, better keep your anonymity for a bit longer.

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#5 Avoid cynicism or sarcasm

Written messages are often misinterpreted by the receiver due to the absence of voice, mimics, and gesture- therefore, refrain from cynic, sarcastic, or ironic statements in your messages. Even if you put a smiley at the end of the text, the receiver may still interpret the message completely differently.

Many promising contacts have ended abruptly due to such misunderstandings.

Yet, this doesn't mean that you need to refrain entirely from humor in your messages. Just make sure that the receiver understands the point!

#6 Pay attention to grammar and spelling

You don't need a degree in English Studies in order to formulate a message to your contact.

However, please proofread your message before you hit “send" - that way, you can check for errors and be able to correct them before it is too late!

One or two errors are not the end of the world, but if your message is full of them, this might make you look bad.

Tip: If you aren't sure if your grammar or spelling is correct, have your text checked. There are several free online spell checkers!

Conclusion: even in online dating, attitude is key!

If you want to be successful in online dating, you should adhere to these rules.

After all, you are in contact with a human with real emotions and hopes, just like you. Treat him or her respectfully!